Jay MowBray, lead vocalsJay MowBray

Jay’s been singing in bands since he was in grade school.  In his 20s, he sang with a gospel band that toured churches around the Midwest, but put music aside to concentrate on his career (first as a journalist, then an electrician and finally an attorney). Then, in his 30s, a group of attorneys persuaded him to sing with the Crime Doctors, which eventually became one of the most popular bands in Wichita.  Upon moving to Kansas City, he auditioned for a band that eventually became the Hipnotics. The Hipnotics won the Kansas City Blues Challenge and competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. They released a CD, Plannin’ An Accident, and several songs from that CD made it on to the top 40 blues charts nationally.  After a brief foray into singing jazz with some of the top KC jazz artists, and releasing a well-received CD, JayMo and Friends, Jay decided to form a new band, the KC Aces. The KC Aces are, in Jay’s words, the “best group of talented cats” he’s ever had the good fortune to sing with. He is honored to be one of the front men in a band that overflows with talent. And the fact that every man in the band is a nice guy is an added bonus.

Terry Swope, guitarTerry Swope

For over fifty years Terry Swope has been wandering the world entertaining people. A self-taught musician and a natural showman, Terry’s had the good fortune to have performed with KC’s best players throughout his career, something he’s forever grateful for.  Among the many stellar bands Terry has played and sang with are the JPT Scare Band and Boco Maru.  Come check out our next show to see why Terry is still one of our area’s favorite guitarists and singers.


Cliff Eveland, bass guitarCliff Eveland

Cliff Eveland has been an active part of the KC music scene for 50 years. He has worked with several popular house bands around the area and traveled coast to coast. The Odds and Ends, Powerglide, Valentine and the Very Wealthy, Hot House, The BonTon Soul Accordion Band, and Issues are just a few of the bands he has shared his talents with.

Oscar Polk, saxophoneOscar Polk

Oscar Polk has earned his reputation as one of the most soulful sax players in KC.  He’s played with everyone of import in KC over the years, from the Bon Ton Soul Accordion Band (one of KC’s most popular bands of the 80s, recently inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame) to his own band, the Oscar Polk Band, which is a mainstay on the KC music scene.  His improvised solos are always a thing of beauty.  But you’ll have to hear for yourself just how powerfully Oscar can wail!


Scot Eldridge, drumsScot Eldridge

Scot Eldridge – a ubiquitous drummer & vocalist who has played with almost everybody, Scot is as eclectic as they come – with interests in rock and blues, jazz, classical, and even world beat music. Scot locks the groove tight, pounding out his trademark “blueshammer beats” (Pitch Magazine, ’02) and co-creating a rhythm section that’s solid as a rock, while at the same time adding to the mix the subtle nuances that turn the heads of the pros.  “I learned a long time ago,” says Scot, “that it’s completely worth it to sell yourself completely to the music. It gives you as much as you give it.” But, he cautions, “You have to love the music, because it sure don’t love you.”  An integral part of the sound of the KCAces, Scot is also the drummer for the popular 80s band,  Fast Times.

Joe Miquelon, keysJoe Miquelon

The list of artists Joe Miquelon has played with is as long as your arm and as impressive as any musician’s resume. There are the national acts, like Bonnie Raitt, the Temptations, the Spinners, Albert King, George Clinton and P-Funk, and Eric Clapton’s band. Then there are the great local acts, like Ida McBeth, the Blue Riddim Band, Kevin Mahogany and the Elders. The reason he’s always sought after by the best everywhere is patently obvious: because his talent, both as a keyboardist and a saxophonist, is unparalleled. Joe is the newest member of the Aces and adds a punch that audiences feel and appreciate, whether he’s soloing or simply filling in the right notes in the right spots. The KC Aces are proud and honored to welcome Joe to our dance party.